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Stressed tadpoles mount more efficient glucocorticoid negative feedback in anthropogenic habitats due to phenotypic plasticity.

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Science of the Total Environment Herczeg D. Host—multiparasite interactions in amphibians: a review. Katona G. Are evolutionary transitions in sexual size dimorphism related to sex determination in reptiles?

Journal of Evolutionary Biology Liker A. Evolution of large males is associated with female-skewed adult sex ratios in amniotes.

Metrics details Abstract There are several harmful and yield decreasing arthropod pests, which live within plant tissues, causing almost unnoticeable damage, e. Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn. Their ecological and biological features are rather known. The process leading to the damage is difficult to trace by means of conventional imaging techniques. In this review, optical techniques—X-ray, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, confocal laser scanning microscopy, infrared thermography, near-infrared spectroscopy and luminescence spectroscopy—are described.

Evolution Mikó Z. Sex reversal and ontogeny under climate change and chemical pollution: are there interactions between the effects of high temperature and 17α-ethinylestradiol on early development in agile frogs? Environmental Pollution Moustafa M. Toxicity and sublethal effects of chlorantraniliprole and indoxacarb on Spodoptera littoralis Lepidoptera: Noctuidae.

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Applied Entomology and Zoology Nemesházi E. Parasite infection download and demographic consequences of temperature-induced masculinization under climate warming: the effects of mate choice. BMC Ecology and Evolution Tablado Z.

Factors modulating the behavioral and physiological stress responses: do they modify the relationship between flight initiation distance and corticosterone reactivity?

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Hormones and Behavior Ujhegyi N. Agri-environment schemes do not support Brown Hare populations due to inadequate scheme application. Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 67 3 : Ujszegi J. How to disinfect anuran eggs?

Journal of Applied Toxicology Exposure to Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis afects chemical defences in two anuran amphibians, Rana dalmatina and Bufo bufo. Üveges B. Chemical defence parasite infection download against multiple enemies: does the response to conspecifics alleviate the response to predators?

  • After ingestion, the cysts of the amoebae germinate and migrate to the Malpighian tubules.
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  • Féreg gyógyító férgek, Az emberi férgek kezelésének típusai Les arthropodes parasites de l homme Dr Euloge Yiagnigni mfopou.

Functional Ecology, DOI: Consistency and plasticity of risk-taking behaviour toward humans at the ótvar tünetei in urban and forest great tits Parus major. Animal Behaviour Does offspring sex ratio differ between urban and forest populations of great tits Parus major?

Szerzôk a leggyakoribb, alábbi kórképeket tekintik át: cheilitis actinica, cheilitis glandularis, cheilitis granulomatosa Miescher-Melkersson-Rosenthal szindrómacheilitis chronica abrasiva praecancerosa, lupus erythematosus orális manifesztációi, atópiás és allergiás kontakt cheilitis. A cheilitisek több formája prekancerózus állapot, belôlük laphámrák alakulhat ki. Prediszponáló faktorok: erôs, tartós UVA-UVB sugárzás, dohányzás, rossz szájhygiene, világos bôrszín, krónikus ajakgyulladás. Az expozíció fennállásának idejével arányosan, évrôl évre nô a diszplázia és a malignus tumor kialakulásának veszélye. Ezeket elsôsorban arc- és szájápolók, szájhigiénés termékek, dekorkozmetikumok, ritkán élelmiszerek tartalmazzák.

Biologia Futura Bókony V. Effects of two little-studied environmental pollutants on early development in anurans. Brooks D. Before the pandemic ends: making sure this never happens again. World Complexity Science Academy Journal 1: Mahtani-Williams S. Landscape genomics of a widely distributed snake, Dolichophis caspius Gmelin, across Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

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Genes Novel genetic sex markers reveal high frequency of sex reversal in wild populations of the agile frog Rana dalmatina associated with anthropogenic land use. Molecular Ecology Skin coloration as a possible non-invasive marker for skewed sex ratios and gonadal abnormalities in immature common toads Bufo bufo.

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Ecological Indicators Relationships between chemical defenses of common toad Bufo bufo tadpoles and bacterial community structure of their natural aquatic habitat. Journal of Chemical Ecology Vörös J. First detection of Ranavirus infection in amphibians in Hungary.

Herpetology Notes Changing migratory behaviors and climatic responsiveness in birds.

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